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Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC)


Tuesday, September 19, 2017
1:30 PM

COG Ash Conference Room
2035 Tulare St., Suite 201, Fresno, CA

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodations
The Fresno COG offices and restrooms are ADA accessible. Representatives or individuals with disabilities should contact Fresno COG at (559) 233-4148, at least 3 days in advance, to request auxillary aids and/or translation services necessary to participate in the public meeting / public hearing. If Fresno COG is unable to accommodate an auxiliary aid or translation request for a public hearing, after receiving proper notice, the hearing will be continued on a specified date when accommodations are available.

New Agenda Item

I. Public Presentations

This portion of the meeting is reserved for persons wishing to address the SSTAC on the items within its jurisdiction but not on this agenda. 

Note: Prior to action by SSTAC on any item on this agenda, the public may comment on that item.

II. Executive Minutes of May 17, 2017
III. Unmet Needs Discussion

IV. Membership


V. Transit Service

VI. Other Member Items