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Friday, March 8, 2019
8:30 AM

COG Sequoia Conference Room
2035 Tulare St., Suite 201, Fresno, CA

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The Transportation Technical Committee will consider all items on the agenda.  The meeting is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m.

TTC agenda and annotated agenda in PDF format - ALL EXHIBITS ARE AVAILABLE ON WEBSITE


About Consent Items:

All items on the consent agenda are considered to be routine and non-controversial by COG staff and will be approved by one motion if no member of the Committee or public wishes to comment or ask questions.  If comment or discussion is desired by anyone, the item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be considered in the listed sequence with an opportunity for any member of the public to address the Committee concerning the item before action is taken.

Executive Minutes of February 8, 2019 [APPROVE]
Contract Extension for YARTS (Peggy Arnest) [APPROVE]

Summary:  Fresno COG proposes to continue Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS) services for the 2019 summer season, May 15 through September 15. A proposed budget is attached to this item. YARTS funding comes from: Federal Transit Administration 5307 and Caltrans 5311(f) grants, Yosemite National Park, and fare box receipts. 

Action: Staff recommends extending the YARTS contract for the 2019 season.

Notice of Funding Opportunity - USDA Community Connect Grant (Trai Her-Cole) [INFORMATION]


Summary: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Utilities Service (RUS) has issued a funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for FY 2019 Community Connect Grant Program. Award sizes range from $100,000 to $3 million depending on the service area population. The deadline to apply is April 15, 2019.

The program supports broadband deployment in rural communities where it is not yet economically viable for private sector providers to deliver service. Grant funds may be used for: constructing, acquiring or leasing rural broadband facilities; providing rural broadband service free of charge for two years; and up to 10 percent for improvements or construction of a community center that provides online access to the public.

See the attached memo for more information. The full FOA maybe be found at RUS will also host webinars for interested applicants from 10-11 a.m. on Thursday, March 7.

Action: Information. The Committee may provide additional direction at its discretion.

Notice of Funding Opportunity - Social Impact Partnership Demonstration Projects (Trai Her-Cole) [INFORMATION]

Summary: The U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Economic Policy issued a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) seeking applications for Social Impact Partnership to Pay for Results Act (SIPPRA) Demonstration Projects. The program aims to improve services that produce social benefits and cost savings to federal, state, or local government through pay-for-results partnership projects. The Administration is interested in projects that will produce better outcomes and savings across 21 different focus areas, including, but not limited to: education, homelessness, public health, recidivism, employment, and economic independence.

Treasury will award $66.29 million through social impact partnership grants to units of state and local government. Of that funding, at least 50 percent, or $33.145 million, must be awarded to projects that will directly benefit children under age 18.

The application deadline is May 22, 2019. More information can be found on the attached summary memo.

Action: Information. The Committee may provide additional direction at its discretion.

Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program (Trai Her-Cole) [INFORMATION]

Summary: The California Department of Parks and Recreation has issued its final application guide for the Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program (SPP). Through Prop. 68 and Prop. 84, this program is scheduled to award approximately $255 million in 2019, with a minimum 20 percent of funds available for projects that expand or renovate existing parks.

Applications must either create a new park, expand an existing park or renovate an existing park. There is no match required. More information on this program is available at:

Action: Information. The Committee may provide additional direction at its discretion.

Funding Opportunity Announcement - Bay-Delta Restoration Program: CALFED Water Use Efficiency Grants (Trai Her-Cole) [INFORMATION]

Summary:  The U.S. Department of the Interior has released a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for the FY 2019 Bay-Delta Restoration Program: CALFED Water Use Efficiency Grants.

The program supports water use efficiency projects and conservation activities that benefit the California Bay-Delta. The Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) expects to award approximately $1.5 million through three to four grants of up to $500,000 per project, depending on the population within the service area.

The application deadline is March 18, 2019; however, the FOA covers a second submittal period for FY 2020 funding, contingent upon appropriations, which closes December 2, 2019. See the attached memo for more information regarding this grant program.

Action: Information. The Committee may provide additional direction at its discretion.


DRAFT 2019 FTIP Amendment No. 3, 2018 RTP Amendment No. 1, and 2015 Ozone Conformity Analysis (Braden Duran/Suzanne Martinez) [APPROVE]

Summary: Fresno COG is proposing a draft 2019 Federal Transportation Improvement Program Amendment No. 3 (2019 FTIP Amendment No. 3) a draft 2018 Regional Transportation Plan Amendment No. 1 (2018 RTP Amendment No. 1), and a draft 2015 Ozone Conformity Analysis.  See the enclosed memo and draft resolution for details. Referenced documents are available on Fresno COG's website at

A 30-day public review and comment period began January 14 and ended on February 13, 2019. Comments were due by 4:30 p.m. Fresno COG staff held a public hearing at 5 p.m. Tuesday, January 29, 2019, and received no comments. The 2019 FTIP Amendment No. 3, 2018 RTP Amendment No. 1, and 2015 Ozone Conformity Analysis are scheduled for adoption at the March 28, 2019, Fresno COG Policy Board meeting.

The draft 2019 FTIP Amendment No. 3, 2018 RTP Amendment No. 1, and 2015 Ozone Conformity Analysis meet all applicable transportation planning requirements per 23 CFR Part 450, 40 CFR Part 93, and conform to the applicable SIPs. Please contact Suzanne Martinez at 559-233-4148 x240 or with any questions.

Action: Staff requests that TTC and PAC recommend the Policy Board adopt the 2019 FTIP Amendment No. 3, 2018 RTP Amendment No. 1, and 2015 Ozone Conformity Analysis via Resolution No. 2019-03.

Fresno County Regional Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Network Plan Consultant Selection (Trai Her-Cole) [APPROVE]

Summary: Fresno COG received a 2018-19 Caltrans Sustainable Communities Planning Grant to develop the Fresno County Regional Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Network Plan (EVCI Plan). The EVCI Plan will identify network gaps and funding, as well as prioritize potential sites for deploying future infrastructure investment.

Fresno COG released an RFP for consultant services on November 28, 2018, and received six proposals. A consultant selection committee comprising representatives from the cities of Clovis and Reedley, County of Fresno, Fresno County Rural Transit Agency, and Fresno Equal Opportunities Commission, interviewed the top three scoring consultants on February 20, 2019. The committee unanimously chose Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) as the preferred consultant. CSE’s experience includes developing several similar plans for California municipalities, including the SJV Air District. In addition, CSE administers the California Air Resources Board’s and California Energy Commission’s clean air rebate and incentive programs.  

Fresno COG is seeking representatives for a working group to assist with the plan development. Please contact Trai Her-Cole, Associate Regional Planner, at or (559) 233-4148 x205 for more information.

Action: Staff requests that TTC/PAC recommend the Policy Board authorize the Executive Director to sign a contract, not to exceed $148,944, with Center for Sustainable Energy as the consultant for the Fresno County Regional Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Network Plan.

Update 2019 Unmet Needs Process (Todd Sobrado) [INFORMATION]

Summary:  Fresno COG's Policy Board must determine that public transportation needs within Fresno County will be reasonably met in fiscal year 2018-19 prior to approving claims of Local Transportation Funds for streets and roads. This is accomplished with the annual Unmet Needs process. 

Fresno COG’s Social Service Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) is responsible for evaluating unmet transit needs. Staff is completing the public outreach component of the process. 

Each year the SSTAC begins soliciting public comment by sending approximately 400 letters to agencies and individuals interested in providing feedback on their public transportation needs within Fresno County. The request for comments letters in English and Spanish were mailed out in early February. 

In addition to the request for written comments, SSTAC is holding eight information-gathering meetings: four in rural communities and four in urban communities.  Details are included within the attached flyer.

Once comments and feedback have been received, Fresno COG will prepare an unmet needs report for the SSTAC's consideration.  Once the public comment period for the 2019 Unmet Needs Report for Fresno County has closed, it will be submitted to the Committee for final review and approval.

Flyers in both English and Spanish announcing the public outreach meetings are included for your consideration.

Action: Information only.  The Committee may provide additional direction at its discretion.

High-Speed Rail Discussion (Tony Boren) [INFORMATION]

Summary: Governor Gavin Newsom's recent announcements in his State-of-the-State address about high-speed rail and its financial future raised several questions for the Fresno County region. Executive Director Tony Boren will discuss the implications and potential strategies going forward.

Action: Information. The Committee may provide further direction at its discretion.

Regional Housing Discussion (Tony Boren/Trai Her-Cole) [INFORMATION]


Summary: In both his State-of-the-State address and in a new Legislative Analyst's Office report, Governor Gavin Newsom has laid out his plans for changing state oversight over local housing decisions.

According to the report "What Can Be Done to Improve Local Planning for Housing?" Governor Newsom proposes  "(1) establishing new short-term housing goals for local communities and providing funding to help them plan to meet these goals, (2) offering additional funding to communities that make progress toward meeting the short-term goals, (3) revamping the state’s existing process for establishing long-term housing goals for communities, and (4) linking receipt of funds for local streets and roads to communities’ progress toward meeting long-term housing goals."

In short, housing is poised to be the next regional frontier. Staff will discuss how the process might work and what it may look like in the near future.

Action: Information. The Committee may provide additional direction at its discretion.


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Public Presentations

This portion of the meeting is reserved for persons wishing to address the Committee on items within its jurisdiction but not on this agenda.  Note:  Prior to action by the Committee on any item on this agenda, the public may comment on that item.  Unscheduled comments may be limited to 3 minutes.

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